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WTVONLINE.NET IS Looking For Volunteers For Casting & Production

Monday, November 8 · 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Hey all our company and affiliates are looking for people who have good communication skills, the time for at least 4 hours a day to pitch casting directors, producers, directors, agencies etc. We are also looking for production people that want to calibrate with a major internet network with over 4 you tube partnered channels, 45 blogs, 4 main websites, 70 social networks, covered many a list events. Provides opportunities to get involved and network with A list industry people.
Get opportunity to attend at least 2 a list events a month.
Great opportunity to brand your self with something that is growing large very fast!
if you are interested in this please contact
We will give you more info.
contact 800.579.0850

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