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Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Charity Showcase Birthday Celebration


Eric Zuley. Cover Photo by Nelson Shen. Inside Photo (L-R) James Zuley, Eric Zuley, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. Photo by Nelson Shen. 

Eric Zuley aka EZ’s Charity Showcase Birthday Celebration

By Buddy Sampson

March 25, 2011- A number of stars and personalities attended The Highlands in Hollywood to celebrate the birthday of Eric Zuley aka EZ. Coupled with a fundraiser for the earthquake victims in Japan for the Red Cross, the birthday extravaganza raised funds for a great cause. “You see the pictures (of disasters) all the time,” said Eric Zuley. “You see what happens, you think about the families in Japan, you think about all the different disasters we’ve had all the time. You just kind of put yourself in their shoes and I was doing my birthday at The Highlands and I figured, why not? I’m going to have a lot of people at the Highlands and I spoke to Monica, which is one of the people with the Red Cross and I said ‘hey come out’ and let’s raise some money and help these people in Japan. I have some friends in Japan. So I thought that you should pour your heart out and forget about yourself.”

EZ’s Dad, James Zuley, who is battling cancer, was helping his son with the event, giving wristbands and helping at the door. A wonderful man, who smiles all the time, a joy to be around and never puts on Hollywood airs, James Zuley is a profile of courage, strength and love. “He’s a very strong person and a man of God and God has his back,” said EZ. “He doesn’t look at it as a bad thing at all.” EZ, who has many projects in the works, plans on putting on more showcases in the future. Look for good things to come from this dynamic individual.

Actor Thom Barry of “Cold Case Files” and Publicist Betrice Coleman-Sweet. 

Among the stars spotted at the event were actor Thom Barry, Pamela Bach Hasselhoff, Brian Krause (of the TV show “Charmed”), actresses Christine Ames and Nikki Storm, Maria Amor of Exotifit, Italian actress and personality Sabrina Parisi and many other actors and personalities. Several media outlets were represented, including Jon Scudder TV, The Diversity News and a slew of photographers. The night featured a number of performers, including several rappers. It culminated in a fashion show. Happy Birthday to Eric Zuley and kudos to him for using the event to benefit a worthy cause. Special thanks to Publicist Betrice Coleman-Sweet, who is flexible and wonderful to work with. The Scoop LA wishes James Zuley a fantastic path to health and happiness.

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Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. Photo by Nelson Shen. 

Actresses Christine Ames (L) and Nikki Storm. Photo by Nelson Shen. 

Maria Amor of Exotifit. Photo by Nelson Shen. 

Sabrina Parisi. Photo by Nelson Shen.
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