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Wow what do I do? I have the 11th coming up and I was invited to a Mansion event in Malibu with a possibility of big A list names being there. Yet this is the same night a friend is turning 50 Movie producer b day celebration in West Hollywood. Big Red Carpet. Then June 12th is my good Friend Jarvee Hutcherson’s birthday. Ok cool then I get a call to do the behind the scenes and hang out with the entire cast of VH1 Saddle Ranch at the Saddle Ranch Chop House off Sunset. Don’t event want to think about my meeting for my own cell phone application at the Roosevelt Hotel coming up. 

Oh yeah then there is June 21 private b day and June 22nd I got hired for oh then June 30th Hottest new fashion show. FASHION ON THE REAL. OOOOOoooo can’t wait. 

Oh think sleep, eating and exercise is in there somewhere to.  Oh wait damn I forgot about the 5 purposals that need to be sent out.  I hope my people are on that. 


Man I need more assistance… LOL Anyone out there know how to assist people with schedules and want to go to some fun stuff LOL

I’ll manage.

Post your comment guys help me out here. ONE MORE LOL

~Eric Zuley aka EZ~ 

One response

  1. hahah lol you should go to mansion party with us lol I got some of my girls in the audition hope they make it 🙂 Keep it up man you doing big things 🙂


    June 10, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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