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VH1 Star Tiffany Pollard (New York) Exclusives Partying it up With Real & Chance Private Party@ LScorpion The EZ Way

On this blog first time ever seen you will see New York serving the drinks the New York way! Looking very risque and sassy! 

Ok guys  many of you know that the VH1 Vixen Tiffany Pollard known for her role of looking for love on Flavor Flaves old show which turned into her getting her own show I LOVE NEW YORK on VH1. This was a hit show for quite some time then she got on other platforms like I love money and shows like New York Goes To Work, being one of the most popular! Then she seemed to drop off the Face of the earth? Then Real & Chance came in a took over with Real Chance of love. Well only The EZ Show gives you exclusives of all the reality VH1 stars partying together at one of the smaller quaint clubs L-Scorpion. 

Also partying with us was MTV Star Sam Sarpong, Bring it on again’s very own Anne Judson Yager, Grand Torino Star Nana Gbewonyo, Johnny V from Scott Baio is 45 & Single, Saaphyri and others….Check out the video where Sam is partying I don’t know if he new we were shooting him! LOL 

I have to give a big thumbs up to the models that were in the house that night. Street Credit Entertainment did there thing! 

Plus check out this guy giving Tiffany a Animation of herself it is pretty cool! They call it Anime for the stars

PR PHOTS, WTV NETWORKS and some good media coverage was there as well so go check it out out!!


New York will be with me on my HOT TALK LA RADIO PODCAST Show Tomorrow! This will air around Aug 5th. 

Anyone have any questions for your favorite Reality Star New York? let me know I got you! Comment them on this post. I may shout your question out on the show!

If you would like to Follow me @ericzuley my show @theezshow or New York @tiffanypollard we love the tweets!!

Keep checking back for the Next Scream from Hollywood’s Voice THE EZ SHOW!

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One of New York’s Supporters (Saaphyri)

This post brought you by: Street Credit Entertainment Samira Gem Creations

Shekhar Rehate

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