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What is Rockstars and angels? Well according to them they are the new ED HARDY FASHION. Sasha the owner claims he is good friends with founder of ED HARDY Fashion Christian Audigier. Well if they choose someone like Sam Sarpong who was the original model for ED HARDY Christian Audigier, Tommy Hilfiger, Acted in over 60 movies and was the host on MTV’s Yo Momma I think there is a strong possibility. Join Sam as he does a celebrity cameo hosting segment for The EZ Show and gives you a tour of the new ED HARDY Fashion ROCKSTARS and ANGELS. 

This store has real hot and cold fashion for Men and Woman. From T-Shirts to dresses and pants to ZIP UP SCARFS (Something I have never seen before. Check out Sam Sarpong showing you what we mean on Video titled (Sam gives you the new ED HARDY Fashion)

If you like any of the clothes you see in the video hit us up at 

Today we caught star of Dream Girls & 35 and Ticking Keith Robinson leaving the store and had a chance to say by to him with Sam. \

Exclusive interview with the founder of Rockstars & Angels The Fashion Superman Sasha Gerecht


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