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EZ’s Radio interview with The Buzz Radio (Z TALK BABY!)

Hey guys check out my radio interview with Z TAlK RADIO The Buzz. On this interview I talk a little bit about how I feel about Amy Whinehouse passing away. Also the team how its building. I talk about how these celebrities need to stop being so damn hollywood! I had a lot of celebrity support from my friends. Kaitlan Welton who just got the to be one of the Bunnies on NBC’s The Playboy Club and had a feature with Patrick Dempsy. My boy Nana Gbewonyo from Coach Carter with Samuel Jackson and Grand Torino showed his love. The Founder of Rock Thiz Magazine Lisa Rocked the House! Johnny V from Vh1’s Scott Baio is 45 and single, Sam Sarpong which is a supermodel and was one of the original models for Ed Hardy Christian Audigier, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. Sam is also a actor that just wrapped a movie called Anchor baby which has won many film festival awards he is working on a movie called Trigger which is major and in the process of a movie starring along side 50 cent. All and all I think it was a awesome interview!!

I want to thanks The Buzz (Z TALK RADIO) For there time!




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