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Very interesting day! BIG SHOUT OUT to my Boy Sam Sarpong for the invite. Ok so The EZ Show went to the Sun’s & Sparks game at the Staples cent for the WNBA. It was a cool game. I believe the Sparks won it! There was a cool little performance by the KidSparks


and the Fans all did a little dance. After the game we met up with Actor Super Model Sam Sarpong, Artist Keyvous, Celebrity Photographer EGlamour Photography & LyricBent actor in ABC’s Rookie Blue, Saw IV Brothers an much more. After the celebrity fun. WELLLLL THEN WE GOT LOST in the Staples Center! Oh and the perfect ending to a wonderful day. My beautiful friend Connie gets a PARKING TICKET for $158.00 can you believe that! $158. THAT IS RIDICULOUS DON’T YOU THINK?

Comedy! Eyes up Here! with Sexy TheEZSHow Host Connie

I actually didn’t mind because of my company and I didn’t mind following behind (If you know what I mean).

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AAAAaaa Just Watch! =)

Staples Center Adventure

The Game WNBA

Celebrity Exclusives at Staples Center

FlipFam Cam (Fans Got Nutts)

Closing the day out EZ Style

Wanna see more!! Got THEEZSHOW.Com

This post brought to you by: Shelley’s Doggie Diggs

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