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HTLA Radio Show Guest Actor Wesley Jonathan TV/Film Star (REAL FILM TALK)

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You’ll really remember this guest from his known role in What I like About You with Amanda Bines & his starring role in the movie Roll bounce. The EZ Show wants to thank Wesley Jonathan the 25 year veteran actor for coming on The EZ Show on HTLA

Welsey really lets it out about acting. This was one of my better interviews I have done. You really need to listen to this one. The show will be aired in the next couple of days on HOT TALK LA Podcast Radio.

If you wanna know more about Wesley Jonathan go to his IMDB

Or here is a sneak peak of his Bio: Born in Los Angeles, Jonathan spent four years living in Germany as a youth and still speaks some German. He first became interested in show business when his cousin Crystal brought him along on her acting auditions. At age nine, he asked his cousin to let him audition, and within six months got his first role, a small part in the television series “21 Jump Street.” When he’s away from the set, Wesley enjoys basketball, volleyball and swimming. He has also performed as a singer, rapper and hip-hop dancer with a group he formed with his friends.

Wesley has a company called Nucci Inc.

Good friends with Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys and even sings with him in a group called Third Story. The movie Roll Bounce marks the first movie where he plays a major role in the plot, unlike his other movie roles that were supporting roles. While starring in City Guys, filmed a drug  abuse public service announcement for NBC’s The More You Know campaign.Named one of Ebony Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors in 2002. He played a guy named Panther in the movie Baadassss! and had a role in the movie Panther. Both movies were produced by Mario Van Peeples. He was the only African American to tryout for the role of Gary on What I Like About You.

Sneak Peaks of the show

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