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Celebrities come check out The New Ed Hardy Fashion Rockstars and Angels off Melrose

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Celebs love The EZ Show

Ok guys so today we went back to the store Rockstars and Angels! My last post I said that this is the next Ed Hardy Fashion and Christian better watch out because Mr. Sasha is hot on his tail. Well today we found out that this is actually becoming fact! What do we mean by this! Well ok… Lets think here…

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When Christian Audigier became one of the biggest designers ever how did it happen? Ok well If I am correct Didn’t Sam Sarpong start wearing his clothes on MTV’s Yo Mamma? Then didn’t a bunch of celebrities start wearing his stuff and then more more came? HMMM a couple a days ago CHECK THIS OUT who do you think walked into Rockstars and Angels? I’ll give you 3 guesses? Naaa ok who is the biggest teen idle out right now? Well give you a hint. It starts with a J and last name B….. YES You guested it the one and only Justin Bieber, Then who walks into the store? Robbie Williams Yes Justin was spotted leaving this store with about 13 bags in his hands (Exclusive Pictures Coming Soon) Then today who comes into the store? KIM LEE from Hang Over II the movie, Then who? Angelique Bates from She’s All That on Nickelodeon and she just wrapped doing a movie with Meagan Good & Keith Robinson 35 & Ticking. Then who??? Are you kidding? RICK MORA one of the wolves from Twilight!! So Yes remember this……..
THE EZ SHOW (BLOG) Was first to call it. When this store blows up bigger then Ed Hardy Fashion!

Check out the fun we had today! with Kim Lee, Rick Mora, Sam Sarpong & Angelique Bates

Exclusive The EZ SHow Videos

I didn’t know Kim Lee is joining Black Eyed Peas?

Rick Mora from Twilight is a Rockstar!




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