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Aubrey O’Day Hosts Gay Pride Weekend Celebrating Summer Massive with Aubrey O’Day, Kim Lee & Yasmin Lee Hangover II

Aubrey O’Day Hosts Gay Pride Weekend

Have always been a fan of Danity Kane, Playboy, Hangover movies and the Oxygen network. Well last night we did it The EZ Way with pretty much the Lead Singer of Danity Kane or at least the most featured in a lot of the videos AUBREY O’DAY! I have hung with Aubrey at over 5 events now and I must say she was looking her best last night! DAMMMMMMMMMNNNNN Pee some of the pictures. You tell me what you think.

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This night was celebrating gay pride weekend and Aubrey gets stalked by a Half Man Half Woman Cat Clown!!! Yes this was a crazy night it out! Let the girl take her pictures damn. I think this unique creation could have waited for the girl to take her pictures with the press Damn!

Yeah…. I know!! Aubrey looked like a Angel in that white dress last night. She obviously has been conditioning herself for her new show on the Oxygen network “All About Aubrey” If you haven’t watched it take a look at this teaser look it up!

2 for the price of one!!! Ok imagine how i felt last night hanging with not 1 but the 2 hottest Hollywood Ladies! The next beautiful sexy actress/model …… Hangover II Star KIM LEE & Her beautiful friend Katrina Chubarova. Congrads to my girls on getting signed to Black Eyed Peas!


If you guys are fans of the movie Hangover II and you remember the transvestite in the movie we were also kicking it with miss Yasmin Lee

This event was for Gay Pride at a venue called Shark Club all the way in the Citris District Orange County California. They called it Summer Massive. It is Summer and it was Massive so I guess it Fits.

It was a lot of fun introducing Aubrey O’Day to her sea of fans! There must have been over 1000 people in the crowd!


Ok so check out TheEZShow and what went down last night! Please retweet this share and post comments!

Look Who’s Doing it The EZ Way

Aubrey O’Day is doing it The EZ Way!

Kim Lee from Hangover II Movie & recently signed to Black Eyed Peas doing it The EZ Way

Aubrey Referees Gay Dance Competition

Aubrey O’Day Arrives to Shark Club for Summer Massive

Kim Lee Crushes on Aubrey O’Day

Kim Lee Arrives to Aubrey O’Day Hosts Gay Pride Weekend @ Shark Club OC

If you want to see more Videos go to The EZ Show

For now is a little slide show of all pics from last night

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Wanna see the Wireimage Pics from last night

Aubrey O’Day hosts gay pride weekend

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