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Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on here lately. Been Moving and shaking with the best shake makers! Ok so I though I would post a lot of the latest videos I have done and were The EZ Show has gone in the last month or so….

Also If you don’t get on the blog remember you can go to and This takes you to my fans page which as all latest posted pictures. I try and post at least every other day on this channel and fans page!!!

Here are couple new updates with me

* Eric Zuley is now a board member of the MMPA

* Working on Pilot for The EZ Show (ACTUAL REALITY TV SHOW) Backed by Continuum Pictures & Paramount Pictures

* Working TV Show with Johnny V VH1

* Starting new Radio show Sept. ZTALKRADIO

* Am being awarded a award by Maria Amor ExotiFit Humanitarian Award

* have 5 Lines in developement

* Doing cameo celebrity role in new movie 4Bidden

* Am now on board with pretty much all venues in Hollywood IF YOU NEED A VENUE FOR A EVENT HIT UP

Thanks for all your support! LETS KEEP DOING IT THE EZ WAY





There are many other new Videos on THE CHANNEL!

This post brought to you by: Maria T Zumba, Shelley’s Doggie Digs

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