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MTV Supermodel Sam Sarpong IS TAKING UK BY STORM


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‘It’s a pleasure for Oliver Morris and Fashionaires to be collaborating with Sam Sarpong. It’s good to know that somebody who has been in the entertainment industry for as long as Sam has and still has the passion to work and be committed with the drive and fire to succeed’.

‘Fashionaires can’t wait for Sam to be back in the UK.  It’s been an amazing experience’.

‘Deany Boy,Brit Boy,Oliver,Josh and the Fashionaires have way exceeded my expectations.Our tour was amazing I got V.I.P treatment everywhere and the seven magazine shoots I did were all with top UK photographers and models they have definitely helped take the Sam Sarpong brand to the next level in the UK’.

It’s been a case of home sweet home for MTV megastar Sam Sarpong, as he returned home to the UK for his tour of London. Sarpong originally from London has been touring the capital as part of his promotional campaign for his UK debut album release ‘Muzik of tha future’, and to model the Boy London campaign. Sarpong,wasdiscovered as a young male model by Tommy Hilfiger, a breakthrough that eventually lead to Sarpong being promoted as the lead model for the designer company.A rolehe occupied for 6 years, until he decided to try his luck at something new. Such is his talent, Sarpong decided to embark on a career in showbiz. This move led to Sarpong taking after his sister June and embarking into a new career of presenting and acting. Sarpong is famously known for his role as a judge on the MTV hit show ‘Yo Momma’ and has also played various roles in different movies. Sarpong’s resume is an impressive one, but his talents and desires don’t end there, Music has always been one of Sarpong’s true loves. Since the age of 11 Sarpong has been perfecting his rapping skills in a hope to create a musical career not just in the States but also in Europe, Sarpong’s aim is to become a global superstar.

In London, Sarpong has linked up with two of the UK’s  top producers Deany Boy and Brit Boy, these producers have had an instrumental effect on the UK music scene. Working with the likes of Sugababes, Daniel Beddingfield and Floetry. Outlining their motives for Sarpong’s new album Deany Boy said, ‘what we bring to Sam’s album is an epic sound, as Sam is an actor we feel it is necessary to interpret the drama from a movie through our music’. Looking forward to the link up Sarpong added ‘I’ve known them for 10 years and am really excited to be working with them, they have always had an incredible unique sound, and I am looking forward to them implementing their talents on to my album’. The album has a mixture of everything on it, Dub Step, Pop, RnB, and even a little bit of rock, so one things for sure this album is not to be missed.

There has been a crazy reaction to the arrival of Sarpong in the UK, so crazy that he was even invited to take part in the prestigious pioneering designer brand, Boy London’s photo shoot. In years gone by the likes of Madonna and Boy George have previously modeled for the company. For Sarpong joining these great names in modeling for the company was a great experience. Sarpong described the photo shoot as ‘something different, a little edgy, it gave me an opportunity to extend myself as a model as I have never taken part in a shoot like this, usually I do designer names such as Levis and Tommy Hilfiger, but this project was a bit different I’m not use to modeling retro type material and so that’s what really excited me about Boy London’.

Whilst touring in London, Sarpong had a chance to check out a few of the clubs where he would be performing, and Sarpong seemed suitably impressed, ‘I really like it out here, the UK definitely know how to have a party’. Those clubs included an exclusive French circus theme, ‘Cirque Dusoir’, Penthouse a top London A list club,Club Aura and Club Mahiki. Such is the prestige of these clubs; regular V.I.P’s P.Diddy, Usher and Jennifer Lopez have regularly attended upon their visits to London, sometimes performing in front of a large crowd. Of all the clubs, Sarpong’s favourite was Club Amika, he liked the atmosphere so much he decided to shoot the video for his new single ‘lose your mind’ at the location. ‘Richard Rees of club Amika helped us put on a big production for our music video, between him and Oliver we booked the best models for this shoot and the video was highlighted by champagne sparklers ala P Diddy style’.

Sarpong is clearly no stranger to fame,and was followed by the paparazzi with his every move, Sarpong described the attention he received in London as ‘ better than the States’, proclaiming the British paparazzi as ‘people who are more into their stars’.He was even photographed coming out of the Levis flagship store in Oxford Circus, with his friend and Australian model Lara,(who plays one of the lead girls in his ‘lose your mind’ video), where they received a V.I.P tour of the store’ Sarpong was continuously followed by two leading UK celebrity paparazzi photographers James Lyons and David Kerr.

Away from the music side of things Sarpong took time out to go  and check out the premier for his new film ‘Anchor Baby’ co-staring Omoni Oboli, the movie is about a Nigerian couple that visits America, however just as their visa is about to run out, Omoni Oboli playing Joyce Unanga gets a shock when she finds out that she is pregnant and the couple fight to stay in the country, but the United States would like to immigrate them back to Nigeria.

Despite living in the UK when he was younger, Sarpong has never had the pleasure of experiencing the carnival so he was eager to grab a taste of it whilst he was in London. Sarpong was invited to perform his new track at the carnival, and was delighted with the support he received from the crowd. ‘It was good but it was kind of scary seeing that many people around me at once. Performing in front of all the of those people was really good, I performed a song called ‘Model Man’ which has like a kind of Hip-Hop feel and the crowd really took to it which was nice’.

Sarpong’s return home has been a great success, it’s allowed him to tour around his hometown, while performing his new tracks, and Sarpong has been suitably impressed and surprised by the welcome he has been given in London, expecting to be a quiet peripheral figure, it has been anything but. Greeted by many young fans and paparazzi Sarpong’s return to the UK has felt more like a homecoming then a tour. So the question remains will he decide to return the UK to stay? ‘I love the UK but I have no plans to move back here for good, The States suit my personality’. Oh well it seems Sarpong will be forever missing his beloved traditional English Fish and Chips, but don’t rule out a return for Sam Sarpong because his journey to be a global superstar has just started.

Written by Maynard Barnes

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Here they are all the exclusive pics of Sam Doing his Super Model UK Thing!

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  2. In november my girlfriend went along for a music video shoot for BOY LONDON. She didnt know what to expect and is a shy, polite personality. She was told by sam sarpong mid afternoon that ‘if i feel like it we are going to have a kiss scene’.
    When asked to do it they asked her over and said they wanted her to come onto him and kiss him and make it sexy to which she replied, whilst panicking – ‘i cant, i dont know what im doing’. sam and some of the other film crew then proceeded to coax her into it with ‘its fine only acting’.
    She kept saying i cant do this to herself whilst looking around scared and eventually decided she wanted out this awkward situation so gave them the minimum she could. They then said that this wasnt good enough and were annoyed at her… ‘do it more like this, look at me and be sexy’. She again said ‘i cant i dont know what im doing’ to which she got more pressure from film crew and sam who was getting annoyed because she wouldnt do what he wanted. She then gave in and did the minimum they would allow which was 2 small kisses.
    The result of this act of coercion into a sexual act of misconduct by a person in a position of power has led to months and months of trauma for us.
    Sam should not have pressured her when she was saying no into doing something she did not want to do; especially as the reasons are to produce a narcissistic self love promotional video( come on to me so it looks like all the girls love me ) , its just unprofessional and completely unempathetic to the kind polite personality that she is. He then asked for her phone number at the end leading to more doubt of his morality surrounding the issue. What can i do to make this right?
    We definately want the footage back and some sort of compensation for emotional damages through a social media outlet… people should know that this is the type of guy he is.


    June 23, 2014 at 5:01 am

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