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Celebrity Dog Stylist Shelley’s Doggie Digs Barks The Bark! IN HOLLYWOOD

Meet Shelley…. A Beautiful Doggie Designer/Stylist for your dog! Any dog Short, Fat, Skinny Tall, Small.

This girl is doing it! I had the chance to hang with her at some events in Hollywood and man!! Every celebrity I know that supports Animals and are dog lovers Love this girl!! She is a ambitious entrepreneur that has a good sense of charisma and style! Also as a big heart and passion for helping Sheltered Doggies!

Look closely at the pictures see you you guess the two celebrities Shelley is hanging with and what they do!

10 points to whoever guesses! I’ll give you 2 hints 1 One of them is brothers to a Legend the other is in some of your favorite TV Show’s and is getting ready to do a major movie!

When the paparazzi/Press got wind that she was in LA and the celebrities dogs she is styling and designing for man I was BLIND HANGING WITH HER! LET ME TELL YOU.


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Our Mission and Progress!

I’m a Mom of 3 kids and 4 furkids one of which we adopted from a Rescue Center in Weatherford, Tx called “All God’s Creatures.” After trying to work in the corporate world and then trying my hand at being a stay at home Mom I finally found a way to work from home by combining something I love into a business! I am putting my heart and soul into working hard to find items that will continuely make this store UNIQUE and using a portion of my sales to donate to the ASPCA! The items are not just for the teacup toting chic gal but also for the sports fanatics and the rough and tough pooch lovers alike.

We donate 5% of our online profits to the ASPCA. A donate button is placed on our home page so that you can donate more if you’d like. This takes you straight to paypal and the money goes into my paypal fundraising account where I will send the donation on a monthly basis! We also want to use this site as a way to help find homeless and abused pets new homes by helping people connect here on the site or through my facebook page so be sure to friend us!

We’d love for you to share your stories through either on the link to our blog which we are still working on or you can find us on our FaceBook page and send us photos that we can feature as pup of the month sporting their Doggie Diggs attire! If your dog is chosen you will receive 15% off your next order!

If you would like to see fun videos of our dogs go to Or send us your photos and videos for us to feature to

We’ve been open since February 2011 and so far our customers are luvin their diggs! We will keep the items fresh and adding new items as the seasons change. I am on the constant look out for XXL dog apparel since it is tough to find and I KNOW people love to deck their big dogs out too!

Be aware in order to keep returns & exchanges at a low we have encouraged STRONGLY to measure your dog before ordering and agreeing to the terms and conditions i.e. Return/Exchange Policy. So measure your pup to avoid extra shipping costs on your end and re stocking fees! Our dogs are only in our lives for a short while so go ahead and spoil them rotten with Doggie Diggs and remember by buying with us you are not only spoiling your favorite pooch but you are also supporting the ASPCA!

My Apologies on some of the blurry Pictures. I still feel they should go up though!


Paparazzi Follows Shelley

WTV NETWORKS COVERS SHELLEY @ 2011 “Turn it Up Single Release for Destenee

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  1. Thanks for an amazing time in Hollywood EZ & team! You guys “Y’all” are the BEST! 🙂


    October 1, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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