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Hanging on the set of EXTRA with Mario Lopez & Shelley’s Doggie Digs

Hey guys ok so I used to watch Saved by the bell all the time, then it went to the College Years Then Mario Lopez known as Slater on the show went into hosting. Mario Lopez is now known as the host for EXTRA. Well today was a fun day kicking it with Mario at a meeting with my sponsor Shelley’s Doggie Digs which went real well. Then that turned into being on the show! Check out the picture and I hope you watched it on TV today 7 pm Pacific Standard Time Which I of course TEVO’d

I must say Mario Lopez is one of the nicest stars I have met in a long time it was really refreshing to meet such a down to earth person. Mario Will go far!

Can you tell which one is me? LOL

Doing it The EZ Way with Mario Lopez on Extra NBC Channel 4


FYI The one in White in front Mario is talking to is my sponsor Shelley’s Doggie Digs which is doing my Doggie Clothing Line Doggie Digs The EZ Way

2 responses

  1. I loved Saved by the Bell too Eric lol Awesome Glad ya both got on the show. Rock on! ♥


    September 10, 2011 at 12:01 am

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