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Hugh Hefner Does it Way with Bunnies

Man I just realized something I got my viral shows whatuneedtv the EZ show and the network wtv networks and the EZ or Wtv girls. Hugh Hefner has his mansion the new show on nbc the playboy club and his bunnies. He’s a smart business man and Enterpeneour and so am I. Hmmmm yes Hef I respect your business movements the show idea of Nbc the playboy club was ingenious.

Speaking of Nbc the playboy club check out the orange bunny on the show Kaitlan Welton hanging with hef and the playmates. Also you will see playmate playboy model/actress 2011 Playboy Radiomate Brenda Leanne with Kaitlan.

Post your comments on who is your favorite!







This post brought to you by Shelley’s Doggie Digs Maria T Zumba

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