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Mel Gee Henderson’s Escapeseeker on PBS

Ever thought about taking a trip to Italy to visit the home of the Lamborghini factory in Bologna? How about the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro or the beauty that Fiji has to offer up close and personal? If so what’s stopping you? Is it fear? Age? For Mel Gee Henderson it’s neither.

Mel is the host of PBS‘s newest travel/ adventure TV series Escapeseeker. Never in a million years would one guess that this pint-sized globetrotter was the mother to six, step-mother to two, and grandmother of eight. Yes you read correctly. Inspired with the desire to change the way grandmothers are viewed and fueled by the burning urge to travel, Mel has probably done more as a granny than most the entire span of their life. Travel is to Mel what food is to others. Simply put, she can’t live without it.

She’s done almost everything. Seasoned journalist, Washington congressional staffer,and now TV host/ producer. Mel and her team captures some of the Earth’s most sought-after destinations and takes the adventures that people most often only dream of accomplishing. Bringing these experiences to life through HD video cameras, Mel & the Escapeseeker crew hope to encourage others to explore the world and encounter the unexpected. It’s not just about traveling but also how you get there.

The next time you envision yourself navigating through glacier congested waters or simply wanting a taste of Chilean luxury, do what Mel the thrill seeker did. Put down the popcorn and pick up the passport. Do your life a favor and watch Escapeseeker. Mel and the team are waiting for you. And remember, “Travel isn’t about where to take your next vacation, it’s about how to envision your new lifestyle.” It’s the EZ way or no way.

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