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Red Carpets and Events: The EZ Way

Event and Red Carpet Planning:  ‘Global Marketing and Entertainment Experts’ is a seasoned producer of Red Carpets and complete event management.   Publicizing the event for good Media Relations and organizing them to help the event to go smoothly is one of our specialties, thus providing good Public Relations.

Viral Marketing is our focus.  Providing the proper information on the Red Carpet attendees is very important to achieving this goal.  Slate girls help with providing the correct spellings of the names.  This may seem like a small aspect of the show, but the key to viral marketing, is the Aftershock or viral explosion after the event.   The viral value of the event to the attendees is the proper coverage of the Red carpet along with the event itself.

Red Carpets are the showcase of the event and a chance for talent to get presented to the world.  Dealing with them can be a big head ache and a horrible start to your event.  So many events are so long that they wear on the patience of the attendees.   A fluidly smooth entrance to an event can make the participants a whole lot more comfortable.

If you want the stars attending to come back the next year, they have to think, “Wow, I ended up in coverage on three continents, 11 magazines, 20 Newspapers, and 9 viral video… I really need to (donate to that charity again, attend the next event, or keep this association).  For a successful event planning and management, you have to do it ‘The EZ Way

Redcarpets “The EZ Way”

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