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Official: Eric Zuley hitting China on ‘Hello! Hollywood’ Channel 18 Los Angeles 5:30 pm Sat.

Celebrity News:  It is official!!! Eric Zuley aka EZ is doing China the EZ way.  ‘Hello! Hollywood‘ , a Mandarin language celebrity and entertainment news show is broadcast in China and on Chinese cable in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  E! entertainment channel’s founder, Larry Namer‘s Metan Development Group created this show to be broadcast to Mandarin speaking people which premiered in January 2010.

They love me in China!  The show is not simply the fast paced style of American entertainment news shows.   The Chinese want a slower paced show with more back story and more information.  There was a learning curve and they took feedback from the stations directly and they were very detailed in their critiques, which helped immensely.   For example, just doing one segment and forgetting about was not a option.  The Chinese people wanted more and more information and follow ups from different perspectives.  They went a step further and created blogs for viewer feedback.  The responses were beneficial, since the fans told them the stories and issue that they would like to see more of.  The tech savvy Chinese people have become part of the development team.

Not only feedback is coming from the internet, they are also getting their new host Tan Fei from online.   He is a influential blogger with a large following, to do segments.  He is known for his disregard for the norm and scathing critiques, sort of a Chinese Simon Cowell of movies and cultural issues. A popular radio personality from Beijing named Andy Dong will co host.   YangYang a viral sensation for her report of Hollywood news.  She was discovered by ‘Hello! Hollywood’  because of her segment ‘Learn English with YangYang, a viral phenomenon.

‘Hello! Hollywood’ has a deep penetration.  Your boy EZ will be available in 200 million homes on Saturday evening in China and the show will be downloadable from the 10 largest digital portals the next night.  They have had over 2 million people download the program legally from the internet, and this is good since it keeps the sponsors happy such as,  Colgate and Ford Motor Company.

So be sure to catch all the action on and now Sat. 5:30 pm starting in Oct. Channel 18 in Los Angeles.  Follow @ericzuley and comment his new segment on Hello Hollywood.

We are taking over the world ‘The EZ Way”

By Richard Shouse

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