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Jack Sullivan CEO Hot Talk LA: Interview

Today, I am interviewing Jack Sullivan founder and CEO of HottalkLA and Web content manager of (NATPE) National Association of Television Program Executives.  Jack Sullivan is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He came to Los Angeles with a Master’s of Dramatic Arts in dramatic writing, screen writing, TV and playwriting from Carnegie Mellon.  He had a handshake agreement with the (MPCA) Motion Picture Corporation of America.  They hired me to write a war story screenplay.  He completed the script a day before the Writer’s Guild strike of 2000.  Since the writer’s strike happened they could not accept the screenplay and he had to go to work in Radio to make ends meet.

At CBS radio, he made a lot of contacts and worked as a receptionist for five years.   When the new media division at CBS opened in 2005, He became the new media director and produced content for the kls96.1.  He spearheaded the reality short form behind the scenes content for the Radio station.   He started streaming the radio online while it was on the air.  He also created original series.  While he was working for CBS Radio, He had the opportunity to work for NATPE because he wanted to work with the TV people.  He is currently NATPE’s new media producer and content manager.  He brainstorms, create, shoots, edit and post content for web related content related to NATPE and the Television at large and manage content across 7 web properties.

Eric Zuley’s ‘The EZ Show‘ is on HottalkLA

Richard Shouse:  “What does Eric Zuley’s ‘Hollywood the EZ way ‘ represent to you?”

Jack Sullivan:    “Eric Zuley and his EZ movement represent to me, a new trend in new media which is people getting together and trying finding ways to duplicate the old studio systems, distribution methods of Hollywood, local and national television… finding an easier way to connect to people who once were only behind closed doors, and only available through a gate keeper. Eric’s method for finding people, connecting them, creating projects, is going to be the new model for the media division.”

Richard Shouse:  “What’s Eric Zuley’s appeal to you?”

Jack Sullivan: “Eric’s appeal to me is multifaceted. First being, He is very accessible and he is just a regular guy. it is nice be able to talk to somebody who actually knows the business, inside and out and comes across not as a Hollywood insider but just as a regular guy. What is also appealing about it is it’s a very simple method to meet, connect and create projects that you can produce. It’s a great a new way of taking the next step to reach the next level in your career in Hollywood or just breaking in.”

Eric thanks you for the kind words and I thank you for your time and consideration. It was very cool and informative talking with you.

Richard Shouse

Interview date 10/12/11

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