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Jeffrey Henderson’s Birthday Extravaganza!!!

Jarvee Hutcherson, Jeffrey Henderson and Eric Zuley

Celebrity Birthday Party:  Last night was Jeffrey Henderson‘s birthday extravaganza at the Biltimore Hotel and it was an incredibly classy event.   So many people showed up to celebrate the radio and film legend on his great day.  The atmosphere of the party was very classic Hollywood.   The birthday boy partied from 5pm to 6:30am and had a blast.  Jeffrey is playing the President in his newfilm but his digs were also presidential at the Biltmore.  He stayed in the Presidential Suite, the same place that JFK stayed during one of his visits to Los Angeles.   I just wonder he can smell a faint smell of Marilyn Monroe’s perfume.

Jeffrey on his birthday party:  “Everyone came out and supported 1000%, Everyone was full of smiles and laughter, full of joy.  It was a amazing night for me and everyone.  It was a more classic, vintage atmosphere, and that is what I like.”

There was a great swell of well wishers:  WTV Networks was on full force,  Jarvee Hutcherson, the President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and the ASYM american society of young musicians, was present.   The band ‘West Republic’ was there. The have a hot single on Power 106. Maria Amor & Her Perfect Creatures and more were also present.    All of the personalities from KLAS, Jeffrey’s home station came to support him also.

Jeffrey Henderson has interviewed over 12,000 celebrities during his years as a radio personality.   He has interviewed the likes of: Chris Tucker, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Ice T, 50 Cent, Kathy Ireland, Snoop Dogg, Billy Crystal, Mary J Blige, and The Late Rick James.  He keeps interviews topical and has a incredible ability to put celebrities at ease.  He has a memory like a sieve and he can remember 98% of what he is told.   This is a incredible talent and skill for a interviewer like Jeffrey.  He does extensive background research on anyone he interviews and has the perfect recall to remember it.

Richard Shouse: “What makes you such a good interviewer?”

Jeffrey Henderson: “I am very comfortable with people…and they like that.   I promote everyone that I interview..I put them in a very positive light (and) they love that.   Some people interview and talk about their personal life and people don’t like that at all.   They think your trying to be nosy…(they feel) you are trying to disrespect them… you have to flip it and make them feel comfortable.  Make them feel like the king and queen, they really are.   And folks love that… and they love to be promoted in a high intellectual way. ”

Richard Shouse: “Where is Eric Zuley “Hollywood The EZ Way” movement going?”

Jeffrey Henderson: “Ez is very positive in what he is doing… He is helping a lot of people and their careers…The wide range of the people he knows is extraordinary. People really like EZ (because) he presents himself very sharp. He has very good management skills… his marketing skills are impeccable and people like that.  He is very approachable and EZ to talk too.   He has the slogan “Doing It The EZ Way” (which) is really popular and it is catching on…A lot of words and phrases and how we say them come back to EZ.  He has marketed and branded himself in a very powerful way with big time producers and big time directors.  His collaborations with organizations are just excellent. He knows everybody in the industry because Hollywood is a town not a city, Everybody knows everybody and EZ knows everybody… even out of the country and shot different videos out of the country. He is not just national but international.   He is very young and he got in the game at the (right) time to do some very good things for himself and for others.”

His show ‘The Jeffrey Henderson Show” is on KLAS 89.7 FM in Hollywood, California and on the internet.

Jeffrey will be leaving in January to India where he is filming 5 movies.  He will be playing Barack Obama in one of them.

It was a pleasure and honor to interview Jeffrey Henderson. He seems to be a very loveable, intelligent and interesting person.  I look forward to interviewing him again soon.

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