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Kris Lamans at Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Performance

Jeff Goldblum on the piano

Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz piano performance on Nov 7th at Salute Wine Bar was a rousing success.  Jeff Goldblum, an accomplished jazz pianist, was incredible.   He has a deft ability to improv on the piano and his dry humor was hilarious.  He could have easily been a professional jazz pianist if the whole acting thing had not panned out. Mr Goldblum’s performances always bring the celebrities, and this event was much the same.  Kris Lamans, a former

Kris Lamans and Jeff Goldblum

member of The Platters; Daisy Lang, actress and champion fighter; Lisa Rines, recording artist for Pearl Records and many others.

Kris Lamans and Boxing Champ Daisy Lang

Kris Lamans announces Bonnie Pointer’s new album at the show to EZ


Kris Lamans announces new project with Marva King

Lisa Rines and EZ


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