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Hey all just wanted to introduce you to my friend Kaki West. I am very proud of her and salute her dedication! Goes to show you what can happen when you keep at it! KAKI WEST IS DOING IT THE EZ WAY!

YES I KNOW SHE IS GORGEOUS! Feel Free to post those comments!!!

Here are some of Kaki’s Latest Posts Go Check out her blog





Lights, Camera, Action FHM!

     In August 2011, an inconspicuous limo drove me to the back end of Zuma Beach for my FHM dual cover shoot. Upon arriving the photographer & his assistant had their reflectors set up close to the cliff. Also by the cliff was a rock-climbing club of about 8…awkward!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kaki West FHM Czech Cover & the Mystery of the #3!

3rd times the Charm! This is my 3rd FHM magazine Cover, I started off with Turkey then moved onto Slovenia and now the Czech Republic. My man accuses me of settling for 3rd world domination. Soon I could be having peace talks with NATO representing tiny countries in a bikini! Back to my #3 theory. Good things, bad things, Death and blind mice all come in 3’s. Victoria’s Secret body products are always in a package of 3… Buy 2 get 1 free, that equals 3. So I will happily take my lucky or enigmatic #3 cover. However I will avoid 3 legged bar stools, but I will  hi-five the boy that runs me over on a NYC sidewalk in a tri-cycle. All in the spirit of celebrating my 3rd FHM Cover!
FHM Czech Cover Model : Kaki West
Location: Malibu CA
Hair & Makeup Team: Sarah Maxwell & Becca Janian
Swimsuit: Beach Bunny
Cover Model Kaki West on the FHM Czech Cover November 2011

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