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Bonnie Pointer CD release “Like a PICASO” Van Guard California presented by WTV Networks

For Immediate Release


November 15, 2011


                                             WTV Networks Presents:

Bonnie Pointer’s “Picasso” Party Post Wrap Up “THE EZ WAY”

Hollywood, CA~  WTV Networks networking affair this weekend in celebration of Grammy Award Winning Artist Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters, CD celebration entitled “Picasso”, turned out to be something people didn’t expect ranging from blinding flashing lights, beautiful women, professional media, artists, singers, actors, industry managers, publicists, and record label executives dressed in style and class. Even the Pacino family, Katherine Kovin –Pacino managed by Ryan Torres President of Avenue Entertainment / Management was on the mike trying to sing up a storm. The event was hosted by Eric Zuley, 2 time award winner, Hardest Working Man In Hollywood “doing it the EZ way”.


On Saturday night November 12, 2011, people just couldn’t leave the red carpet area.  Kudos to the security for keeping the room comfortably packed.  Paparazzi waited outside for Hangover 2’s Yasmin Lee as well as Bai Ling from Entourage and the featured star of the night Bonnie Pointer.  A surprise guest, Jarvee Hutcherson, President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and Founder of the American Society of Young Musicians arrived fashionably late, looking rather dapper making it happen in his presidential fashion. The networking affair took place in two rooms of the popular Hollywood Vanguard with one room where VIP attendees got down and dirty on the dance floor watching 5 excellent performers on stage.  The other room had celebrities and VIP’s mingling in class and style with the Hollywood ambience and well over 25 distinguished Hollywood associations representing in attendance.

The event was so jam packed in high attendance that J ROC, the emcee and his entourage, had to squeeze to get in.  Some of the VIP attendees included Wendy Starland power player who discovered Lady Gaga, Angelique Bates , recurring series regular on the hit series, All That, on Nickelodeon, Johnny V. known as the lovable wing man to Scott Baio on VH1’s “Scott Baio Is 45 And Single”, Korina Rico starring in the new film release In Time with known star, Justin Timberlake, Actress Yeva Lavlinski from Crank 2 with Jason Statham, and last but not least Rick Mora, popular actor from the box office hit  movie, Twilight, were welcomed with high excitement by the VIP crowd and the media.  Actress Pepper Jay and CEO and Founder of Actors Reporter reported live on the scene as they always do. Eric Zuley did a major exclusive with artist Wendy Starland and Akon’s new select protégé Kali Konvict on the EZ Show the EZ way on the carpet of this popular event.


Media attendees included Hollywood Today, Rock Thiz Magazine, PR Photos, Tatiana Magic Photos, Curtis Sabir Photography, Wire Image, Actors Reporter, Gosh Radio and TV, Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle Radio Show, The Bizness Magazine, WTV Networks with distribution to Samsung, ITunes, AOL Video, Popculture Celebrity, Hollywood Hawt, On Top Of LA, GO Talk TV, US Monitor TV, Blip.TV, and  World Monitor TV.

This event was sponsored by the web -series It’s So LA with the two beautiful hosts, Kellie Koppel and Laura Owen brightening up the room with their beautiful smiling faces and classy attire, and don’t forget their beautiful backdrop.  Be sure to Google It’s So LA.



Promotions provided by:  Red Carpet Events.

Bonnie Pointer CD Release Picasso presented by : Worldwide network, WTV Networks.

Exclusive outside interviews only seen on The EZ Show. See below.                            

See coverage of event on:


Actors Reporter                                                                                    


Wire Image


PR Photos^events.sql&q2=Bonnie%20Pointer%20%22Like%20a%20Picasso%22%20CD%20Release%20Party%20at%20Vanguard%20in%20Los%20Angeles%20on%20November%2012%2C%202011


The Bizness Magazine


Tatiana Magic Photos


Gosh TV


World Monitor TV



Us Monitor TV


Go Talk TV


On Top Of LA


Pop Culture Celebrity


WTV Networks


The EZ Show


Motown Maurice Blog



For More Information, contact:

Belinda Foster                                                                                                                                                                     

VP of Marketing

WTV Networks

On the Paramount Lot

5555 Melrose Avenue

Marx Bros. Bldg., Suites 107/108

Hollywood, CA 90038




Meet the person that discovered Lady GAGA Wendy Starland

Rick Mora from TWILIGHT doing it the EZ WAY



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