TV Personality, Actor and Entreprenuer, Award Winning Social Media Expert & Professional Blogger ‘s Fundraiser was a success!!

Fundraising Event Recap: Global Crucibles Annual Award and Benefit Honoring this years recipients of GLOBAL CRUCIBLES CITIZEN at the Historic Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica for our Annual Fundraising cocktail party

This year’s the gala will feature three honorees for the GLOBALCRUCIBLE CITIZEN award. These are individuals who will be awarded for their exemplary work with in our Los Angeles and surrounding communities in particular area of Human Services & Community Development.


Mr. Tyrese Gibson (Actor, R&B Singer, Rapper, Author, Model, Author, VJ, Screenwriter, Film producer, Television producer and Philanthropist/Founder THE TYRESE GIBSON WATTS FOUNDATION

Excepting the award on Tyrese Gibson’s behalf was James Womack Bobby Womack’s cousin and business colleague with Vincent Herbert with Lady Gaga.

Mr. Jarvee Hutcherson the President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, Founder of The American Society of Young Musicans, and Philanthropist.

Ms. Melissa Schoonmaker the Director and Attendance Cooridinator of Pupil Services for her dedication to homeless education, permits and student transfers and foreign student admissions.

This evening was a Fundraiser benefiting the Homeless Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Childcare Integrated Development Organization (CIDO) – AIDS orphans in Uganda, Africa.

I had the pleasure of hosting along side of Luis Lopez. The Evening was a rousing success and went off without a hitch. Thanks to my staff at GME experts for pulling off the Red Carpet flawlessly.

Knockout Entertainment’s new artist Sahyba did a killer rendition of her new song Marco Polo Where you at?. She is truly a beautiful and talented women and you can expect big things from her.

Global Crucible Citizen Award recipient and President of MMPA Jarvee Hutcherson on the Red Carpet


I wanna personally say thank you to all the press that came and stood outside in the freezing cold beach weather for a wonderful cause!!!

* Black Tree TV

* Ethno Night Life TV

* Jon Scudder TV

* Donna Dymally


* PopCulture Celebrity

* WTV Networks

* Louis Mayo

Anyone else i forgot please let me know I will mention you ! Thanks so much Appreciates it! WE DID IT THE EZ WAY!

Celebrity attendees for this wonderful cause were: Tess Broussard, Ray J, Rick Mora, Gregori J Martin & Cast of The Bay The Series, Sahyba & Brother Prince Saheb, LaBuck Original Young Buck, Melissa Biggs, Gregori J Martin & The Cast of The Bay The Series, Honoree Jarvee Hutcherson and many more….

Eric Zuley on the Red Carpet

Founder of Global Crucible interviewed by Actress Anne Judson Yager

Founder of Global Crucible interviewed by Ethno Night Life TV

Rick Mora and VH1’s Johnny V on the Global Crucible Gala Red Carpet

Melissa Biggs and Rick Mora with WTV networks Anne Judson Yager on Global Crucible’s Gala’s Red Carpet

New Artist Sahyba arrival, greeted by Eric Zuley

Prince Saheb, Labuck, and Sahyba on the Global Crucible Red Carpet

Terry Broussard attends Global Crucible Fundraiser Gala

Cast of The Bay: The Series attends Global Crucible fundraiser Gala

Samba Kapuwada Dancer’s awesome performance at Globalcrucible org Gala





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