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Mag Covers And Awards Eric Zuley!

Hey guys I try not to be one who toots my own horn but a good friend and mentor said “There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your hard work and achievements so why not show it off”

As you see I listened! I feel honored and blessed to have had a award named after me for the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and American Society Of Young Musicians. Signed off by counsel members of Los Angeles. This was presented to me by the Director of the Golden Globe Awards and Spirit awards Chris Donovan

After that I was a recipient of one of the biggest Journalists in the world Robert Novak and was given the Robert Novak Award!

I also was chosen to receive the Aaron Spelling Award on Behalf of Larry Namer Co Founder of E! And founder of Metan Development Group
in China and Los Angeles

Then I exempted the Mother Teresa award on Behalf of X Wife of David Hasselhoff and one of the stars of Big Brothers Pamela Bach Hasselhoff who is like a mother to me so it all fit!

Take a look at the other certificates and awards yourself!

Soon I will be Giving recognition to those who made this possible and nominated me! For now fingers tired!

Love u guys! Stay tuned!









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  1. Eric
    I Re blog this on mine
    take a look
    let me know what you think?


    December 9, 2011 at 10:00 am

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