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Who remembers the Famous Group from Mo-Town Records The Platters?

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IF you are a photographer or Video person and want to cover the arrival on Dec 16th Your man EZ has got you just subscribe and email me at
Universal Christmas Party Performance by The Famous Platters

Where: 13752 Ventura Blvd Los Angeles Ca
Complete Actors Studio

When: Please Arrive no later then 5:45 pm There estimated Arrival 6:15 pm
Date: 12-16-2011

What: Kris Lamans is a Well known Singer and Ceo of Film, TV, & Record Label Pearl Records & Pearl Records in conjunction with Universal.

This is a Christmas Party by Universal and Performance by The Famous Platters (I am being told)

Attached is a picture of Kris Lamans and the Platters

The objective is to shoot Kris Lamans with the Group The Platters These shots can be valuable.

Many Celebrity Attendees Expected

If you don’t know who the platters are please refer to this link

NOTE: There will be a follow up party to this one. Dec 18th IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND THIS AS WELL JUST LET ME KNOW!

Thank you so much guys if you need anything else from me please don’t hesitate to ask.

Your confirmation you will be there by the designated time is most appreciated
NOTE: I cannot get you in this event just to cover and get autographs I know one of the Singers well. Thanks!

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