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Melanie Marden: Actress Mobile Spa Entrepreneur

Melanie Marden from High Maintenance Mobile Spa serving Greater Los Angeles area

Celebrity Interview: Today we are interviewing Melanie Marden the actress, entrepreneur, whose mother died from cancer and she made a movie about her last days called.

Richard Shouse:  “It is a pleasure to get to interview you today, Melanie.  Tell us about your current projects.”

Melanie Marden:  “I am really pleased to talk about Timeless.  Not only did I star in it but I produced it to honor my mom.  She was unlucky enough to go through 10 years of misdiagnosis (while having) brain cancer and it ended up costing her life.   So I wanted a film to honor her, what she had been through, and the warrior that she was.  The film is (completed) wrapped and we are doing the film festival circuit with it.   I hope to raise awareness on what the symptoms are.   So there is no misunderstanding and no misdiagnosis.”

Richard Shouse:  “I heard you already won one of the film festivals.”

Melanie Marden

Melanie Marden:  “We did win the Louisville International Film Festival.  We are waiting to hear from some of the other film festivals.  Pretty exciting.”

Richard S: “I would be remiss if i did not tell you it is pronounced Louieville.

Melanie M: (Laughing) “Oh did i say it wrong?”

Richard S; “Ya, The Kentuckian in me had to tell you.  It is all good though.  My father actually died 6 years ago from Adenocarcenoma.  They gave him 6 months to live and he lived 6 years”

Melanie M: “I love stories like that, My mother was given two weeks when She was diagnosed,  and She lasted five weeks.  She was determined to prove them wrong. I am glad to hear those stores and glad to hear you got to spend more time with your father.”

Richard S:  “Yes, it was very good.  I heard the concept and understand it but explain to us what we will see in Timeless”

Melanie M: “Sure, it is a short film.  We actually raised money through donations.   Which is crazy, all of the angels that surrounded my life and hers was astounding and people i did not even know contributed to make it possible.  It is her final two weeks and you see how she was prisoner in her own mind…For the first time we were able to a point of view shoot of a cancer patient, and its pretty awesome”

Richard Shouse: “Sounds like Timeless is amazing and a noble work. You used to run a spa in Canada correct?”

Melanie Marden

Melanie M: “Yes that is correct I owned MM spa in Canada, which I sold to move to LA. I then cofounded High Maintenance Mobile Spa with my business partner Gregory Dylan.   High Maintenance Mobile Spa which is LA’s Premiere mobile spa service.  We cater to someone that wants their relaxation and beauty treatments in private wither it is at home, office, on set or in their hotel.”

Richard S: “What is the charity aspect of High Maintenance?”

Melanie M: “We are in the middle of getting that together, its called High Maintenance at Heart.  Our goal is to make services available to the terminally ill, elderly, the home bound. So that they don’t miss out on the healing touch.  When i lost my mom, one of the most upsetting things to watch was her fear of dying. when she was getting a massages and my hands were on her, there was no fear.  Our goal is to take away that fear, loneliness, or lack of love for a hour while they get some spa services”

Richard S: “Are you considering a fundraiser?”

Melanie M: “We are in the early stages. But yes that is the plan. We are eager to start it.”

Richard S: “How far do you want to take it on the business level?”

Melanie M: “If you had asked me the question when we first started, I would have told you that I wanted it global…. but with my film schedule, making movies and producing. I will answer that question with If my partner can put in more time then we can make it mobile. (laughs)”

Richard S: “What type of services does High Maintenance Mobile Spa provide?”

Melanie M: “We offer everything that you would normally get from a spa.  Massage, facials, some of the more popular are the botox, the injectables. Skin care, hair removal, make up, hair, you name it.”

Richard S: “Do you do peels?

Melanie M: “We do organic peels, and varying light acidic peels.   We  really have not gotten into the chemical peels.  It really doesn’t go with me or my co founder’s belief system for skin care.  The skin is a organ and any chemicals you put on it goes into the body.   However with that being said, they are definitely becoming popular and maybe we should put our opinions aside and offer what the public wants.”

Richard S: “Are you trying to join your entertainment background with your business?”

Melanie M: “We are in the process of selling a tv show wrapped around the business and all of our amazing team.  All the nurses, massage therapist and estiticians.”

Richard S: “I took a look at your website and saw your staff and you have a smoking hot staff.”

Melanie M: “Well, Its Hollywood, The team is hand picked. Yes they are beautiful. They are the best people we interviewed.”

Richard S: “What would you want to tell someone or a potential client or just a individual and their life?”

Melanie M: “I think that is very important to take care of ourselves. In this day in age, that we get busy with our lives.  We forget about ourselves and other. Give yourself the gift of love.  Its not about a massage for a hour, its about giving yourself a hour of self love.  That type of self love really spirals back into productivity.  When we look after ourselves on that level, our life will reflect it.   Giving the gift to someone else to other is a beautiful thing.”

Richard Shouse: “Thanks Melanie Marden of High Maintenance Mobile Spa for her time and she was a delight to interview.”

Richard Shouse


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