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Pearl Records Christmas Party: Retrospective

Celebrity Party: As sit and ponder the New Year,  I am reminded just how lucky that I am to be apart of such a powerful entertainment company.  CEO Kris Lamans of The Amazing Platters, is a seasoned music insider with over 6,000 published songs.   He is a treasure trove of knowledge and I truly feel blessed to get to the chance to work with him, day in and day out.   The President of Pearl Records/Filmworks, Kevin Dorsey has produced the biggest star of all time: Michael Jackson.   This pretty much says it all when it comes to answering the question: “Has he sold records?”.  Michael Jackson was known for his penchant for keeping around him brilliant minds.

Being acknowledged as Pearl Records Group/Filmworks Executive Vice President of Promotions and Director of New Media, was a incredibly fulfilling.  The whole Pearl Records Group Christmas Party was a wonderful display of a label with lots of talent and bright futures.   All of the artists did a phenomenal job: Lisa Rine, Theresa Brunea, Lady Gg ,Marva King, and of course we were blown away to get to see the legendary and Amazing Platters.  It is amazing to see just how many people get to benefit from CEO Kris Lamans extensive song catalogue, and his ability to write for the artist is what has set him apart making him a Producer rather than simply a writer.

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