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Happy New Years 2012

Happy New Year”s Wishes 2012:   The year of 2011 was a incredible year for both me professionally and personally.  I have felt heavily blessed to have developed so many powerful relationships.   I have been doing Hollywood The EZ Way for seven years.   Along the way, I have found large and small victories but this past year, I have had monumental wins.  Getting my own segment on Mandarin language international show Hello! Hollywood, has been incredible.   All of us  that set our sights on being a success in the Entertainment business, but few us know the trajectory of our star as it rises.  Bringing celebrity news and interviews to the entire Mandarin speaking population is neither a trajectory that I anticipated but feel highly blessed to get the chance.

Having a office on the lot of Paramount with Continuum Pictures, has opened so many doors and provided me with unfettered access to some of the most powerful producers, directors and talent.   Appearing in, starring, producing and Casting so many up coming projects has been so fulfilling.   My own reality show is coming in the 2012 on a network near you.

To all those that I helped with their career and all those that have believed in my own career,  I thank you so much.  Expect big things this year and know this that I am eternally grateful for all of you and look forward to continued success.

May this year be the most prosperous year ever for all of us.

Doing 2012 the EZ Way

Eric Zuley

Christmas greeting the EZ way

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