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New Years Eve Sexy Bash Hosted by Pearl Records Group & Filmworks 2012

New Years Event:  The New Years Eve Sexy Bash hosted by Pearl Records Group was a wonderfully successful event at CAP Complete Actor’s Place.  This Sexy Bash was the place to be on New Years Eve.  Everyone was is high spirits, sipping champagne and enjoying themselves with the music throbbing through their chest.

The night was hosted by Eric Zuley, Macafrica and Sheila Lussier.  Celebrities were in full force at this Sexy Bash: Singer/Producer Sonja Dunson, singer/actress Theresa Brunau,  Singer/Actress Jennifer Higginson, Actress, model, and Miss Encino USA Victoria Greenwood, Global’s Founder was there, Ceo of Pearl Records Group/Filmworks  and former Platter Kris Lamans, one of the writers for Everybody Loves Raymond, David Shelton, and a legend in the entertainment business with Film and Tv Credits going back 34 years from Big Trouble in Little China, The Golden Boy, Peter Kwong  gave a great interview.

CEO of Pearl Records/ Filmworks and the former platter Kris Lamans put on a incredible tribute to Sam Cooke.   The whole evening was tremendous success and being able to be apart of such a great company, makes for a new year full of boundless potential.  Pearl Records Group’s year has been incredible and this coming year is going to be astronomical.

Pearl Records recording artist Theresa Bruneau & Jennifer Higginson Singing “The Star Spangled Banner”

Pearl Records Group/Filmworks CEO Kris Lamans arriving at PRG New Year’s Party President and Eric Zuley interviewed before PRG’s New Year’s Eve Sexy Bash

Eric Zuley interviewing Peter Kwong at PRG’s New Years Eve Sexy Bash. Peter is an actor with 34 years worth of acting credits.

Victoria Greenwood  Miss Encino USA interviewed by Eric Zuley.  You must check this video. She is incredibly sexy.  She talks about her new show

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  2. Pingback: Pearl Records Group & Film Works New Years Eve Celebration. | The WTV

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