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Eric Zuley EZ Achievement award submissions

Eric Zuley on the Cover of Bizness Magazine

Eric Zuley Award submissions:  Eric Zuley and the Multicultural Motion Picture Association are proud to announce the submission stage of the Eric Zuley Award originally given to Eric Zuley and named after him in honor of his substantial entrepreneurship and charity work.  The award was signed off by the city & county of Los Angeles and had a award given to him by the State of California. These awards were presented to him by the Director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards Chris Donovan.

We are asking that you submit your resumes to

In order to win the Eric Zuley Award, you have to have made substantial success using the new online platform to build your entertainment empire, The EZ Way.  To give you a idea of the level of Eric Zuley has achieved on a international level, you have to look at the fact that he has spent 7 years working on his empire and has been a viral star with his AXE Commercial.

You see the hits on the video, well those are due to his incredible branding style and promotion ability that has garnered him a segment on a Metan Development Group’s Mandarin Speaking Celebrity News Show, called Hello! Hollywood which has the ability to be seen by nearly the entire mandarin speaking world.

Metan’s founder and President  Larry Namer speaks of Eric’s movement Hollywood the EZ Way  and what it is to him.

Larry NamerIt is Eric’s way of building his modern day network of Hollywood content and Hollywood people.  He is taking advantage of all the media platforms available.  It is a multi-platform approach to marketing all things Hollywood.”

Complete Larry Namer Interview

Larry Namer video endorsment

Eric Zuley’s Hollywood The EZ Way has landed him on an Los Angeles Area radio program HotTalkLA where he does celebrity interviews, news and humor.  The President of the station and the web content manager for  National Association of Television Program Executives Jack Sullivan  was asked about Hollywood The EZ Way and what it meant to him.

Jack Sullivan: “Eric Zuley and his EZ movement represent to me, a new trend in new media which is people getting together and trying finding ways to duplicate the old studio systems, distribution methods of Hollywood, local and national television… finding an easier way to connect to people who once were only behind closed doors, and only available through a gate keeper. Eric’s method for finding people, connecting them, creating projects, is going to be the new model for the media division.”

Complete Jack Sullivan Interview 

Celebrity Endorsements 

Has also earned him the honor to sit on the board of the following organizations.

* Multicultural Motion Picture Association

* Recording Artist Guild

As a humanitarian he has been appointed the Brand Ambassador of 

Learn more about this innovator in Hollywood

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