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The Bizness Magazine Awards 2012 Eric Zuley nominated for Top Issue of the year

The Starting

What is The Bizness Magazine? Health, News, Business, and Politics. It is a printed publication that was born from the Bay area. I was honored to be on one of the front cover issues last year. Now this magazine is taking Hollywood by storm I guess you can say… It is a insightful  magazine that really gives the up and comers a chance to be seen. The artist, the model etc. This magazine hosted their first annual awards show on Jan-29-2012 at 7 pm at the famous Acme Comedy Theater. There was a turn out of about a 100 people. With coverage from WTV NETWORKS. There were awesome performance by about 6 acts, 3 fashion shows produced by Hollywood’s one and only Parris Harris. We got a couple video interviews with some of the celebrities that attended. Like Portia from Bad girls club season 4 on Oxygen. Who is now embarking in the acting world and other endeavors (See interview below) Ever heard a Bad Girl Sing? LOL. Tony Boldi (Hollywood’s Peoples Mayor) & his soon to be wife Rebecca   There were I believe 12 categories ranging from designers, to fashion and appreciating the hard work that went into the magazine. Well any way it was a lot of fun. I think they did a great job for there first show and it will be getting better and better every year. Cause trust me The Bizness Magazine is here to stay.

Here are some clips from the night


Host Dkia gives you The Biz Mag Awards Tour

Peoples Mayor of Hollywood Tony Boldi Speech



More pics and video’s to come.


Here is the 1st annual Biz Mag Awards Line up and more..

Featured Artists of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite artist)
Mr. SupriZe – Premier IssueRyo Vibes- Premier IssueRing-Da Bingo- Winter 2010 IssueUpShow- Spring IssueE-Dee- Spring IssueLady Lane & 4Duece- Spring IssueMoBetta- Fall IssueJonDoe- Fall IssueRasKass- Spring IssueJason Hemmens- Summer IssueRashad Muhammad- Summer IssueGloria Maduka- Fall IssueIlhame-Paris- Fall IssueHigh Voltage- Fall IssueBrian James- Summer IssueLil Nay Nay- Summer IssueRoQY Tyraid- Spring IssueYG- Spring IssueNoize- Winter 2010 issueMANN- Winter 2010 IssuePatrome Don- Winter 2011MC IMprint- Winter 2011Sophia Brown- Winter 2011

Rising Artists of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite artist)
Princess MiMi- Premier Issue, Fall IssueChuckey- Premier IssueMrs Black Diamond- Premier IssueDillgin – Premier Issue, Spring IssueKeithie Kulcha- Premier IssueIzzy- Premier IssueYes Maam Crew (Lady Lane&4Duces)- Premier IssueGalaxy P- Premier IssueK-No- Premier IssueTwin- Premier IssueIan J and Dizzy- Premier IssueFactor- Winter 2010 IssueLaDeeDRED- Winter 2010 IssueDaGirl Jazzo- Winter 2010 IssueG.Kidd- Winter 2010 IssueFatty B- Winter 2010 IssueHerculeez- Winter 2010 IssueRas Taz- Winter 2010 IssueMr. SupriZe- Winter 2010 IssueITC- Spring IssueNONAME- Spring IssueCalikiDrome- Spring IssueShugga Shane- Spring IssueLil Nay Nay Kirby- Spring IssueJah Malo- Spring IssuePsych Mike- Spring IssueNicca2Fly- Summer IssueIlhame-Paris-Summer IssueJAI- Summer IssueMarkees Williams- Summer IssueDeShaude Barnner- Summer IssueMRald Johnson- Summer IssueYoung Executives- Summer IssueFreddie Hot Sauce- Fall IssueImani Whidby- Fall IssueCrazy D- Concreate Hustle- Fall IssueJairemie- Winter 2011 IssueDW- Winter 2011 IssueDEE1- Winter 2011 Issue

Rising DJs of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite DJs/Selecta’s)
Multi Sound- Premier Issue, Winter, Summer, FallJigga- Premier IssueEsqibar- Premier IssueDJ Empress- Premier IssueDJ Al BEE Z- Premier IssueDJ Money- Premier IssueDJ Higher- Premier IssueDJ Tiny- Premier IssueDJ True Haze- Premier IssueDJ Snow United Sounds- Premier IssueDJ Taurus- Premier IssueDJ Courtesy- Premier IssueSelecta Easy B- Premier Issue7 Star- Winter 2010 IssueDJ Bigga- Winter 2010 IssueQuantegy Sound- Winter 2010 IssueDJ Surge- Premier Issue, Winter 2010 IssueDJ Mike Danger – Winter 2010 IssueDJ Mustard- Spring IssueDJ Fyness- Spring IssueDJ Kareem – Spring IssueSelecta Mike- Spring IssueChampion Sound- Summer IssueJr. Francis – Summer IssueDJ Daddy Dre- Summer IssueDJ Virtu- Summer Issue, Fall I(ssueDeeJay Beyond Jun- Fall IssueDJ Big Mixx- Winter 2011 Issue

Model of The Year- (Scroll Down to select a favorite model)
Margret Asta- Premier IssueTony- Premier IssueErma – Winter 2010, Spring IssueEmi Hatanaka- Winter 2010 IssueDaniel Elkin- Summer IssueMarcus Daniel- Summer IssueRose Pendleton- Summer IssueAnna- Summer IssueIboni James – Winter 2010, Spring, Summer, FallMelvin Ward- Summer, Fall IssueBrooklyn Channel- Fall IssueArlyn Franc- Fall IssueJasmine Penn- Fall IssueBrad Luko- Fall IssueDiana Almarez- Spring IssueShay- Spring IssueTenaj – Winter 2011 IssueHiwet T- Winter 2011 IssueRoxanne – Spring IssueDavid (DW) – Winter 2011 IssueWilliam Ylvisaker- Winter 2011 IssueRia- Premier IssueShanee’ Alfreda Arceneaux- Premier IssueElise- Spring Issue, Summer IssueCandita Potts- Premier Issue, Winter 2010CJ- Winter 2010, Spring Issue

Designer of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite designer)
Parish Nation- Winter Issue 2010Gianni Mercedes- Spring IssueTriny Brown of T&R Fashion- Premier IssueRichard Huff- Spring IssueSidney Collection- Spring IssueKarina Copado of Poolside Collection- Summer IssueBrian Terry Brit Boy Fashion- Summer IssueAkia Benbo of iiMistress Vintage – Summer IssueCleva Kah of eMaGi- Summer IssueFaith Rudder of Dhakmani- Summer IssueZane Marie Bag- Fall IssueShekhar Rahate Winter 2011Jason Oliver Winter 2011Latisha’s Hats- Fall IssueTrenee Coleman- Winter 2011

Makeup Artists of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite makeup artist)
Christy Lynn Ivory – Winter 2011SueAnn Robinson- Premier issueGina Marie- Summer and Fall IssueHawa- Summer IssueLA Trade Tech Students- Spring IssueCalifa- Winter Issue

Community Business Man/Women of The Year
Ladies of GreatnessEriah HowardLA Unified School DistrictMr. Celes King IVBelizean VixenWorld Music CommissionAaron DavidStephanie SingletonChristina SilvaAGNBCoach Ron

Stylists of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite)
Amelia Marie- Fall IssueDara Lynn- Summer Issue , Winter 2011

Health Guru of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite)
Jeanna BrownChop BlackDr. Anita Kerendian-HakimiSister Oma/ Venice McleanAngele BrewerDr Cherilyn Lee- Winter 2011

Photographer of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite)
Curt Sanchez-Will TurnerDara LynnSteffin CalhounMichael Rodriguez-Rick BowieBentSinister Photography and Mathew P

Videoagrapher of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite)
Cherry AldanadoDamion Jackson

Visual Artists of The Year (Scroll Down to select a favorite)
Chadwick- Fall IssueCreate- Spring IssueAntwan- Winter 2010 Issue

Favorite Issue/Feature Cover of The Year
Premier Issue Featuring Mr. SupriZe, Winter 2010 Featuring MANN, Spring 2011 featuring YG, Summer 2011 featuring Eric Zuley, Fall issue featuring Debra Wilson, Winter issue featuring Cedric Ceballos


Photographer Curt Sanchez
Videographer Cherry Aldano
Featured artist Mr SupriZe
Rising Artists Lady Lane&4Duece
MakeupArtist Christy Lynn Ivory
Dj of the Year DJ Bigga
Favorite Issue Fall featuring Debra Wilson
Health Guru Sister Oma
Business of The Year AGNB
Model of The Year Melvin S Ward
Designer Brian Terry of Brit Boy

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