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Superbowl 2012 The EZ Way

Its Superbowl time baby! Come on guys. You had to know I was going to post a blog about the Superbowl. So here is my question? What sponsor do you think is going to make the most money? And of course! Who you want to win?

The Giants have such a good defense while the Patriots have a awesome offense which has been extremely hard to stop. Patriots have improved their defense too, so this game will be very interesting. If the New England Patriots would have continued to played like before on defense I would have guessed they had no chance.  Super Bowl 2012 Stream

The last game the Patriots played was against the Ravens. Tom Brady wasn’t as good as he as been the games before. He even admitted he “sucked”. If Tom Brady does NOT play well in the Super Bowl there is a good chance the Giants will win. It’s going to be hard on Brady which all of those Giants linemen in his face pressuring him to make a bad throw.

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