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EZ Pops You Tube Cherry


Eric “EZ” Zuley

After a term of 8 months Eric Zuley also known as EZ hits over 1,000,000 views on his personally made You Tube channel. With added thanks to his team doing it the “The EZ Way this channel became a You Tube partner with in 3-6 months. Eric Zuley’s already widely known You Tube channel WhatuneedTv with close to 15,000,000 views viewed world wide and # 1 in Ireland was the first. Then there was the new channel WTV Networks with over 500,000 views then there was the Eric Zuley channel. This channel was created to keep records of who EZ comes across in Hollywood just to keep his own records. Then it became the official The EZ Show channel and really turned itself into a show. This channel shows and teaches you how to network The EZ Way how EZ does it. It shows you the stepping stones of people progressions if you really follow it! Shows you who and what type of people Eric”EZ” Zuley Associates with. You know there is something people call Jealous people and that word is haters. Well believe me Eric Zuley aka EZ had and has those Jealous people on his tale. People have been trying to get his you tube channels deleted, they have lied to his associates to get him black listed with things, they have had people sabotage his fundraisers and special events, they have talked bad really bad out of fear and spite. EZ simply presses the Delete button and keeps it moving “The EZ Way”. What better way then making your own visual proof of what is real and what is fiction. You can say what ever you want but with Eric “EZ” Zuley the proof is always in the pudding! Believe me it tastes good!

So in closing Eric “EZ” Zuley personally thanks all of his supporters for clicking, talking, sharing, liking could use some more commenting though! lol

One response

  1. Eric You Know the haters will always be there do not let them get in the way of doing what u do best
    i know i been in your shoes and it does not stop me but it does hurts my feeling to think there my friends and i get stabbed in the back
    i know were the DELETE button is
    So Keep On Rock’n (As We say In My World) LOL


    February 12, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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