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Hollywood Movers & Shakers Ryan Torres

Hey guys here is a Hollywood mover and shaker

I have known Ryan for over 7 years. Ryan was the one that got me my agent

which got me my audition and i worked hard to book.


Who is Ryan Torres?



Ryan has been in the industry for a over 10 years as a industry manager.

He dabbles in film finance, and mainly does his best to represent talent.

He has not really closed a film deal on the finance side yet, however he is so

determined I think it is coming soon. I feel this is because of the way people

are in Hollywood that talk and people forgetting to follow up with things. This

is a great lesson on how to do it The EZ Way and not to. When your in talks or negotiations

don’t worry about all the talk. Just set the video conference or coffee meeting. GET THAT CHECK!

OK Back to Ryan! LOL

Ryan is also some what of a casting director, producer and a good person

that always means well. Ryan is very connected with agents, investors and

used to intern with major record labels like DEF JAM RECORDS. Ryan has

distribution for music with some partnered relationships and is doing it WHAT WAY?

Hope the first thing that popped in your head is #THE EZ WAY

If you would like to follow Ryan’s movement Click here ===> RYAN TORRES 

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