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Perez Hilton Recognizes Gossip Girl Moves in China The EZ Way

NICE check it out guys!! My good friend mentor and

Committee member just got featured on the Perez Hilton

Blog. (Metan Development Group) This is the company that

is the production and distribution for the segment in china

on Hello Hollywood that I host for or send footage in for.

Gossip Girl Is Headed To Asia?! China To Make Its Own

Gossip Girl!

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OMG! China is gearing up for its own version of Gossip Girl!

Chinese production firms Mei Tian Mei Yu and H&R Century TV will partner with Metan Development Group, Warner Bros. International Television Production and Gossip Girl’s creative team to hash out a 30 Mandarin speaking episode season.

So where will these gossipy vixens dish?

The series will feature China’s prestigious Shanghai International University, where China’s most rich and powerful are known to roost.

Sounds super juicy and super scandalous!

Marty Pompadur and Larry Namer, founders of Metan, said the following about the series:

Each week, the main characters’ trust, love and friendship are tested, with all the behind-the-scenes tales recorded in a blog. In the beginning, they are confused and lost, however over time, they discover who they really are and eventually find the right path to pursue their dreams.

GG’s move to the East continues a trend of Hollywood tapping into China’s expanding market.

We wonder how GG will turn out in China-style! Will a Dair vs Chair war be fueled? Will designers flock to Shanghai with their latest creations?

Will we get to hear someone say, in all seriousness and in Chinese, “I’m Chuck Bass!” Yes, please! XOXO!

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