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Charlie Sheens Wingman Hot Hunnies and Cake


Johnny V your favorite lovable wing man was caught partying at the Piano bar March 23 on Friday night with some hot hunnies and even some handsome men. Rumor has it he has some Anger Management issues. He didn’t seem to angry though playing the piano and holding his birthday cake. Johnny what’s with all the dudes in the pic with you? I though you were the ladies man Lol? Well I’m joking Johnny V has been a long time friend of mine for over 5 years since I first met him at the Historic Laugh Factory.

(Inside exclusive for all my readers) Johnny V is one of my celebrity correspondents on my new Tv show The EZ Show co-produced by pepper Jay productions. This show is being released tomorrow on my awards ceremony birthday celebration.

If you wanna come hang with me and johnny v and see us do our thing on stage tomorrow Rsvp to

Man its crazy how my birthday is the day before Johnny’s I guess we were meant to to be good friends.

Happy birthday Charlie Sheen! Aaaaa I mean Johnny V

Actress Vikki Lizzie and Tv personality Sabrina A. Parisi


Attended as well. Man Johnny you know how to pick them!

Keep doing it “The EZ Way” guys till next post!


Fan Frenzie

Me and Johnny doing a interview together

On the radio!

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