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Miguel A. Nunez Jr./ Michael Jai White hidden project exclusive

Hey all! We did it “The EZ Way” last week with Miguel A. Nunez Lead actor in (Juwanaman) played Dj in the Street Fighter movie and many other projects.
Well now he is doing two new projects a new Show called Your Big Break and filming a pilot for a talk show. Yes of course yo man EZ got exclusive shots of the new show with celebrity guest actor Michael Jai White SPAWN himself! Plus Legend Obba Babatunde After being on set with them I ran into my friend Lisa Willis former Wnba star who is now on the Cover of The Bizness magazine, which I was on the cover couple months ago. I bring Lisa Willis up cause it kinda fits with the whole Juwanaman thing!Michael Jai White and Miguel A. Nunez


Me and my friend Obba Babatunde


Miguel A. Nunez EZ and Michael Jai White


Project shot at: High Point Studios

EZ and Wnba star Lisa Willis


Stay tuned for more… Videos coming soon. Exclusives with Miguel, Michael, Lisa and more! Who wants to see me interview Miguel, Michael and Lisa? Any questions?

Exclusive interview with EZ & WNBA Star Lisa Willis

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