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NATPE Live interview 1 pm 04-19-2012 (National Association Television Program Executives)

Hey guys. If you follow this blog and like The EZ Way movement and even if you don’t understand The EZ Way movement. Tune 04-19-2012 1 pm live on stickam straight from NATPE.TV I will be talking about how I got started, what got me into the game, how I got to meet and end up working with some of the top of the top’s in the entertainment and business industry. Secrets of networking The EZ Way and Social media. How to make your self a success just using the internet. Now a day’s everything is different. You don’t need much exept a cell phone or a computer! Listen to this interview and find out why!

Also check out the new partners and syndication page for the show! 

I will see you!! Or wait no! you will see me =) NATPE TV!!!! PODCAST! Don’t miss it!

This interview is hosted by Jack Sullivan NATPE Executive in charge of new media.

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