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Get Peyton Olivia Sherrell To Meet Justin Bieber has (Server) Cancer Help her life long dream!

VIEW THIS VIDEO WITH A TISSUE NEXT TO YOUI’m writing this blog with tears in my eyes. Listen to this letter that was sent to me by the founder of this charity. Starting today. I vow to do everything in my power to get this little girl to meet Justin Bieber! Hell Lets do a benefit concert to help this girl with treatments!!! My father just got over Lymphoma cancer I know how it feels to have a family member with this horrific decease.

I hope that any of my supporters doing it “The EZ Way” finds it in their heart to try and make this dream come true!!!

This is the letter that was sent to me!

Eric I am writing this to you. We love your show out here in Cincinnati Ohio.
Peyton Sherrell at 18 months underwent a heart transplant and now has been diagnosed with 2 diffrent types of Lymphomia Leukemia. She was released yday-Thursday-from Childrens hospital of Cinncinatti. Her dream of a lifetime is to meet Justin Beiber. I started a Fb page for her dream-Get Peyton Olivia Sherrell to meet Justin Beiber. It has recieved the attention of CMA legend George Jones along with other greats,however I dont think they can get Justins attention as easily as you sir. I have the mothers number and speak with often,as well as address. They have tryed to get the attention of the Ellen Degeneres show to help facilate the childs dream, however with no responce I am reaching out to you . I would do anything to get your help with this matter as it seems her time is short. If you send me an email please alert me via inbox Fb as I never check email as the heavy volume of emails due to
Fb. I am at your discretion sir as God has shown me that you are my White Knight with this. Please join us on the Fb page-Get Peyton Olivia Sherrell to meet Justin Beiber. Thank you for your time and God bless you my brother.
Sunshine survivors club Ceo/founder
James Napier


I’m trying to help them with awareness and to fulfill this little girls dream. The story was so touching. I’m now involved 100 percent. Either way I’m now determined to make this little girls wish turn to reality! I know someone in my contact base has access to make this happen.
Remember we only live once. What you take with you when your gone is what matters. Everything on earth is just materials. Your spirit lives on!!
My dad had Lymphoma cancer and mine and his faith took care of that. However I know what its like what it feels like what you go through. Please find it in your heart to help if u can!!

If anyone can help in anyway contact me! Thanks…

Justin needs to do a benefit concert just for this little girl and we feed it live to her right in the hospital!!!

Yes I know I repeated myself many times. Wanna get the point across…. 


If you wanna get in contact with me and help this cause in any way follow me and tweet me! @ericzuley

4 responses

  1. Rhonda Chasteen

    God bless this little girl I have known her mother since she was pregnant with her.everyone please share ..


    April 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm

  2. Awesome….Justin we are all hoping and praying you see this,, and make this dream come true…feel free to bring Selena also we love you and pray you will be there soon God Bless you~ in Peytons heart we all are there!


    April 21, 2012 at 1:26 am

  3. God bless this precious child.I’m praying for her and her family. May God hold her in the palm of His hand and comfort her. Heal her, Oh Lord, if it be thy will. I also pray she gets to meet Justin. ❤


    April 21, 2012 at 11:59 pm

  4. God Bless you Peyton ! I will continue to pray for you and your family during this time. I hope and pray that your dream of meeting Justin Bieber may one day come true. God Bless you little angel


    April 23, 2012 at 8:54 am

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