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Eric Zuley in new movie project (Swackers) with All Star Cast!

Ok I think its finally time for Eric Zuley to start acting “The EZ Way” Here is a sneak peak of my next big project coming up guys!

There has been a lot of commotion the past few months in Hollywood, over a film that is set to shoot in June and has already attached some heavy hitters to the project. The film is called Swackers, a comedy that takes place primarily in a liquor store…

I know what you’re saying, it sounds like it’s been done before, but this movie is a Clerks meets Friday meeting Swingers. Let’s not compare Swackers to those classics yet, but with a compelling story of two guys in their twenties, working in a liquor store, who can’t seem to catch a break today – this just sounds like the lives of everyday Americans in this present day. The only difference is, they have to deal with EVERYONE who can’t seem to catch a break walking into their liquor store, which sets up  different and sometimes dangerous situations throughout the film…

And in the end… It’s all about a girl. (Isn’t that what it ALWAYS seems to be about?) How does the protagonist (Fran) get the girl, or get over her, while having to hear his loudmouth counterpart, constantly banter about “swacking” other girls.

“Swacking?” Well, I’ll let you interpret what that means, but let’s just say the film will be bordering on a PG-13 to R rating.

The film is in pre-production, and has already attached talent including Noel G. (Training Day, Bruce Almighty, Fast and The Furious) nationally syndicated radio host and actor Big Boy (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” Deuce Bigalow, Entourage), comedian Anjelah Johnson (Mad TV, Comedy Central, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Our Family Wedding), DJ Felli Fel (So So Def/Island Urban Music Artist, “Get Buck In Here,” “Finer Things”), Price Crown (Ten Things I Hate About You, iCarly, A Perfect Prank), Eric Zuley (Blaxican Brothers, A Perfect Prank, The Bay The Series, 2012) and more.


Noel G.

Radio Big Boy

Anjelah Johnson

DJ Felli Fel

Price Crown

Eric Zuley

The film was written by David Kano (Finding Destiny, Blaxican Brothers, A Perfect Prank), who is quickly becoming the new, highly sought after writer in Hollywood today, and the producers include David Kang (Detention, Fear Not, Rush Hour 3), Joe Grande (Entourage, Party Animalz, Food Stamps),  Jason “Stizo” Flores (A Perfect Prank, “Ice Cream Remix Video”) and Jacob Zalewski (Founder of One Step Closer Foundation.)

Look for the film to be out by the first or second quarter of next year.

If you are interested in getting involved with this film as a sponsor contact Remember because I have a good role in this film as a actor. I will be pushing this as hard as I can which means it will be around the world EVERYWHERE In weeks!

This article will be featured to start on…,, Ambiance Magazine, Rock Thiz Magazine, Pop Culture Celebrity, WTV Networks and many more….


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