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How should a movie deal facilitation go?

Need your help I am green in the film industry and how things work.

Hey guys… Ok another EZ way movement. So here is the story. From bottom to the top the full truth from left to right. I really wanna hear your opinion…..

Your working with a production company and you have had a relationship with The owner of the company for quite some time, about maybe 5 almost six years. Your sitting in their office and verbally decide on anything that you bring to the table You get…. Finders fee (industry standards) producer credits, ability to help with casting.

You have a client that happens to know a investor and you bring them down to the office. Introduce the client their investor and the head for the production company. They all meet and a project is pitched and everyone seems to like it. 7 months later the project ends of going through and money is exchanged to make it happen. Oh your dad is sitting next to you listening to all all this as well.

What should the facilitator get? What is industry standards? How does it usually work for the facilitator? Does a verbal agreement mean anything in in the state of California? Or is that just New York?

I am very proud to announce my first IMDB credit as a producer on a project called “Shivers”. With a production company called Continuum Pictures.

Here is the project ==>

Proud to work with my friends James Duval, Rochelle Vallese, Danny Torres and the investor which I think he wishes to remain nameless do to the fact their is not credits with his name on IMDB and i respect that.

James Duval

Danny Torres

Rochelle Vallese

This is my first film…

In the works of 4 more projects as a producer or actor….


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  1. Craig

    Agreements for bringing people together can vary widely, and often depend on amount that you bring in. Ball park finder fee range is 2-15%, but for big sums, towards the lower end is more common. Since you already requested to be involved in casting, that might affect what percentage they are willing to offer for finder’s fee. Producer credits is nice for your bio, though not necessarily a huge give on their side, so probably shouldn’t affect percentage much.

    Happy for you Eric. Great going!


    April 24, 2012 at 11:12 am

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