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Project 2012 New acting role for Eric Zuley aka EZ doing it The EZ Way

Hey guys I am exited to announce this new acting role I will be doing in this new project called 2012 compliments of my good friend, David Kano, Joe Grande, Jason Stizo.

This is kind of a spin off of my character Zany Zam from my first movie Blaxican Bros.

December 21, 2012. What’s going to happen? No one really knows and many do not care, BUT there
ARE many who are intrigued about that date and the possibilities of what COULD happen…

It marks the end for the Mayan Calendar and for the past couple of years Hollywood has played on that
with films that revolve around that phenomena.

Writer David Kano (Finding Destiny, Blaxican Brothers, A Perfect Prank) is bringing to life a Web
Series, called 2012, based on different peoples perspectives.

2012, revolves around four roommates who have their own unique stances on Dec. 21st and stand
up for what they think will happen. Meanwhile, reporter Zany Zam played by Eric Zuley (Blaxican
Brothers, A Perfect Prank) reports on the strange and weird things appearing in Los Angeles.

The series is being produced by Jason “Stizo” Flores (A Perfect Prank, “Ice Cream Remix Video”)
and directed by Joe Grande (Entourage, Party Animalz, Food Stamps).

Casting is finishing up and shooting starts on May 3rd. Expect the first episode to be up the second
week in May.

Keep doing it The EZ Way! Stay tuned for more coming up!

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