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TV Show Charmed Star (White Lighter Leo) Brian Krause was guest on The EZ Show

Hey All, So just had my good friend Brian Krause Brian Jeffrey Krause on the The EZ Show. Brian was the lead in Blue Lagoon, has played in the hit show Mad Men and ultimately is known for his lead role in the hit show ‘Charmed’ which plays every morning on the TNT network. Brian plays a white lighter angel that is married to Holly Marie Combs one of the which sisters with Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. In the earlier season 90210 star Shannen Doherty played the first which role then Rose McGowan took over. This is a awesome show I watch it almost everyday, so you can imagine how I felt interviewing and being good friends with Brian. Brian is currently working on many new projects and awesome new technology that hast to do with social media and even a cell phone application called Fans Shout!
Watch the interview on ActorsE first my special comedy driven interview for The EZ Show coming soon…. To find out more… In the mean time here are some pics and video’s to tide you over.

Click here to watch interview. Be sure to post comments

Funny Shoutout for The EZ Show 

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