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Justin Bieber Gets nailed for ‘Reckless’ Driving

Justin Bieber Ticketed for ‘Reckless’ Driving


According to TMZ & Extra. Like Bieber is even gonna deal with this. He will get a slap on the wrist as he’s ask to sing a song and get off EZ! Do you think that celebrities should get away with things?

July 06, 2012

Singer Justin Bieber was pulled over by cops after he was seen weaving in and out of traffic on an L.A. freeway in his silver Fisker Karma sports car.

Justin Bieber Ticketed for 'Reckless' Driving
Getty Images

The California Highway Patrol cited the Biebs for driving in a “reckless manner,” a spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times, and said Justin was going more than 65 mph. The CHP did not give the star’s precise speed (photo courtesy of

Bieber was reportedly trying to lose paparazzi, who were on his tail. The “Boyfriend” singer’s manager, Scooter Braun, told TMZ that the pesky paps didn’t give up after the ticketing and continued their pursuit.

Bieber wound up calling 911. Police caught up with Bieber and the photogs and told the paps to back off.

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