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What is this new TV Pilot Portsmouth? Who’s involved? Secrets revealed


I just got off a phone interview with writer David Kano (A Perfect Prank, Swackers) and he is in pre-production on a TV Pilot called Portsmouth, which takes place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and is set in a modern day bar.

The premise of the story is a 75-year-old man, who got blacklisted from Broadway, is now the owner of a bar, but entrusts it to his forty-something year old nephew and niece. The old man who goes by “Papa,” will be played by Broadway and Hollywood star since the 50’s Allan Rich (Serpico, Disclosure, Quiz Show).

Kano was tight lipped about who would be playing the nephew and niece, but added Pete Antico (Con Air, Lethal Weapon, Wall Street) would be playing a lead character as well.

I’ll keep you updated, when more information comes out on Portsmouth in the future!

Little birdy told me there are some major players attached to this due to my friend actor director (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.) I am glad I made the introduction between these two… Lets see what happens…..

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