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Tamala Jones Fans Go Nutts! The EZ Way

Featured Fan!

* @Hellandbliss8 

Website she made for Tamala Jones 

I want to thank you for your efforts and promoting my & Tamala’s twitter to your friends

Who’s Hot Friday Guest 

Actress Tamala Jones

Doing it The EZ Way!

When: Aug 3rd Friday 12 pm Pst.

Live Call In #  347-215-8709

Behind the scenes

Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) singing on ABC’s Castle

We are honored to have veteran actress Tamala Jones as a guest on Who’s Hot Friday’s Hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley. Tamala currently play’s Yvette on the hit TV series The Soul Man starring Cedric The Entertainer & Niecy Nash. She is most currently known for her character on the ABC series Castle. She was Victoria on the movie 35 & Ticking with Kevin Heart, Darlene on Everybody Hates Chris, What Love is starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Played the Lead as Tommy Davidson’s girl friend on Booty Call also starring Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx, Two Can Play At That Game. To see her other work visit her IMDB

Remember EZ always gives you the ‘Real of Hollywood’ ‘The EZ Way’ This show should be a fun one!

If you have any questions for EZ or Tamala please post comments below

Your Questions for Tamala Jones 

Hi, I’m Carol, I’m from Brazil and I have some questions for Tamala. I’ve sent some via twitter ( I’m @theirongates) but I want to send some more here if you don’t mind 😉

1- Well, Tamala is always in contact with her fans on twitter, I want to know if she thinks that it’s important and why.

2- Of all your movies, what’s your favorite one?

3- I cried a lot watching “35 and ticking” and it was a comedy movie. As I could see “Things Never Said” is going to be like a drama movie… do you think that I’d cry again? HAHAHA

4- You know you’re an example for your fans. Not only in your professional life but in your personal life too because of your storyline, and everytime someone ask you what would be your advice for them you always say “Never, ever give up.” why did you choose this advice? Did anybody tell you this once?

5- About Castle, do you know anything about esplanie? If they’re going to be together again?

Well, these aren’t very intersting questions but that’s what I want to know, thank you soooooooooo much for the oportunity, me and all Tamalanies are very happy.
Hugs from Brazil, Carol 😉


My question for Tamala: Who is your biggest fan your Dad or your Mom?
Oh and say to her that she is AMAZING!

Xx Daphne from the Netherlands!

@ericzuley Question for Tamala: What about a Tamala Perfume?;)

@tamalajones @ericzuley Are you coming to the November Castle Convention put on by ?

@ericzuley for Tamala “About “Things Never Said” I’ve saw the trailer and I’m very excited about it… when it’s going out?”

@ericzuley Question for Tamala: What does she love most about her job?

@ericzuley For Tamala “You know that Esplanie’s fans want 2 see their ship 2gether again, do you think it’s possible to see it this season?”

@ericzuley Question for Tamala Jones. Re: brain aneurysm. Did you have brain surgery? What kind?

@ericzuley another one haha : “what are your expectations for the fifth season of Castle?”


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3 responses

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for promoting my site Oh my god I am sooo honored and happy…You made my day, thank you thank you thank you!!! I love working hard on it ’cause she deserves the BEST!

    So the questions I already sent you for Tam but if I post them here I guess it’s easier for you 🙂 I know there is 5 questions so I just hope she will answer maybe one 🙂

    1) “does you already know what the Castle writers want to do with your character Lanie in the 5th season of the show? If yes, can you give us a clue? Of no, what would you be your wishes for Lanie in S5? I’m the biggest Lanie fan, you’re amazing!”

    2) “Again about Castle, and your onscreen relationship with Jon Huertas’character Javier Esposito : Andrew Marlowe said last year he would bring Esplanie back together before the end of the season but he didn’t. Did he tell you more about Esplanie for this season? They have to get back together, we miss them very much!!”

    3) “Is there any actress or actor or director you love and would die to work with one day?”

    4) “You love to cook and you’re an amazing cooker. Have you ever thought about opening your own restaurant, Like Eva Longoria did with Beso Restaurant? I would totally make a dinner reservation !”

    5) “Can you tell us a bit more about “The Box”, the short film you did with Jon Huertas in July? What is your character about, how was the filming, and will it release soon? Can’t wait to see it”

    Voilaaa, thank you SO much. Eric you totally ROCK! Tamala, LOVE you and wish you a great day on Castle set 🙂 Much love to you too….xoxo from France – Marine


    August 3, 2012 at 2:23 pm

  2. Good questions I will ask the what’s her wishes for Lanie S5 one


    August 3, 2012 at 2:40 pm

  3. I had NO idead about this!


    August 3, 2012 at 4:49 pm

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