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Famous Gay Couples in Hollywood

Tila Tequila gives the best pose for photographers on the red carpet!


Famous Stars And Straps Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary & 10th Album

You may be able to name some notable gay figures in the public eye, but can you identify their significant others?

More and more, big names are stepping out of the closet — and it’s not just Hollywood screen stars; Musicians, journalists and politicians are going public with their sexual orientation and introducing their partners to the public at large.
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With the increasing support of the LGBT community from American citizens and politicians, this should come as no surprise.

Gay rights activists across the country celebrated the many victories achieved during the 2012 elections. Voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington approved same-sex marriage rights for its citizens. Tammy Baldwin made headlines as the first openly gay U.S. senator. Additionally, President Obama, the first president to publicly support gay marriage rights, was re-elected for a second term.

As we see more and more public acceptance of the LBGT community, can we expect to see more famous gay couples?

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