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Sam Sarpong and Vanessa Curry as the new face of KD Luxe Jewelry

Hollywood It Guy puts on his Future Stars Collection!

Man I am jealous! Sam gets to do so many things with so many beautiful actresses and models. Its time for me to become a model! LOL

I’m proud of my good friend Sam Sarpong. I have always said he is gonna be like another Will Smith. This dude is making moves!

Don’t sleep on him @mrsamsarpong He is doing it #TheEZWay hash tag it on twitter #Futurestarscollection #TheEZWay lets get it trending!

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Written by: Freida Wills

Sam Sarpong and Vanessa Curry were selected by Kathleen Largent to endorse her brand which embodies good energy amd positivity. Sam and Vanessa will attend the Spring and the Fall Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas to represent KD’s line, as well as other Trade Shows that pop up from time to time,
Sam and Vanessa were selected by Kathleen Largent to be the face of her brand, KD Luxe Jewelry; since Kathleen stresses positivity and she feels that Sam and Vanessa are both good positive role models and therefore a good fit to be the face of her jewelry.
Some notable ladies have worn this jewelry, including Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman,. Michelle Pfeiffer, Cameron Dias, Halle Berry, and so many more.
Does KD Jewelry have something for men included in this line of jewelry? Yes. The first piece was a cross designed by Kathleen’s father: it is crafted of silver and it stands for pure inspiration. The name of the men’s line is Focus, Motivation, and Determination or the FMD line inspired by Kathleen’s father.
This international line of jewelry received the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award. The award, designed by Robert Graham, was presented to Mr. Bvlgari, store owner by Drew Barrymore. Italian Luxe Jewelers has opened it’s new West Coast Flagship store at 401 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, which puts it closer to the heart of the Jewelry Zone.
in short, Sam is an international actor, super model, and the Host of Ryan Seacreast’s AXS Live. On Friday night, he is announcing the Launch of his “Future Stars Collection” at Scream Famous Clothing on Melrose.
This special edition of the Future Stars Collection, based on Sam’s personalized pieces, include Motor Cycle Jackets in leather, for men and women: these jackets sport spike detail. Denim jackets, vests, band T-shirts and trucker hats with a European rock’n’roll inspiration will be part of the show.
This premiere of Sam’s Future Stars Collection will feature a live DJ in a lively and engaging atmospere for guests to meet and greet Sam. This sounds appropriate for a line designed to appeal to young future stars, but I am betting that a few moms will have a go at sneaking them out of their daughter’s closets!
There are many confirmed celebrities for this event including: Actor Wesley Jonathan; Dream Girls star actor/singer Keith Robinson; Miss California Noelle Freeman; and many other celebrities too numerous to mention here.
For those who are wondering if Sam slaved over the cutting tables, I doubt it. I can’t imagine a star of his magnatude slaving over cutting tables and sewing machines. I think he probably was the CEO; however a little bird just told me that he actually does do rough sketches to guide his staff along and then he does pull the CEO routine.
Will we see any famous young models on Friday at what will undoubtly be a very hot fashion show? Sam states that we will see the hottest models in Los Angeles, mostly young.
What type of person is Sam aiming this show towards? He wants all the Hipsters and Industry Leaders that he can get his hands on to come out and celebrate with “us.” There will be food and refreshment to keep everyone in a good mood and ready to Rock It Up With Sam! For those of you who are still as curious as cats about Sam’s fashion inspiration, I believe that Sam gets his inclination as a designer from all his exposure to a high level fashion; possibly also fueled by the desire to have exactly what he wants and what he feels good in. He says that a lot of his inspiration comes from living the “Rock Star Life.”
For those who want a sneak preview, you can shop this exclusive collection at
Scream Famous Clothing Los Angeles Store is hosting a Red Carpet from:

7 pm to 11 pm
7712 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles Ca 90046
December 14, 2012

There are two sites for previewing the KD Jewelry: and
Vanassa Curry is an actor with two movies coming out in 2013: Bench Seat and Dirty Laundry
Last week Vanessa was on CSI New York which I watched and I believe that she did an amazing job!
Vanessa also has her single — Heartbeat — coming out in the first quarter of 2013.



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