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How he EZ WAY Movement makes international dreams come true

This was emailed to my company today. I had asked for a idea of their experiences. The Mom had contacted me on my fans page and asked for help to make her little 4 year old daughters dreams come true. What was her dream? to meet Najee Detiege  

Who is this little girl? Cooper Flemming

rsz_cooper_-_calling_joanne_1 najee Super_samurai

– Power Ranger obsession started just after she turned 3.
– had a full blown power ranger birthday party in January (none of the other little girls had a clue what was going on lol)
– LOVES superheroes – Spider-Man, Avengers, Ironman, but her favourite is the Blue Ranger

– We asked her over a year ago what she would like to do for our first family vacation. She said she wanted to see the Power Rangers and meet the Blue Ranger.
After a month or so of trying to find where the Rangers do meet and greets, we started giving her other offers, even Disneyland.
She was steadfast that the Rangers were her first choice and Disneyland didn’t have the Rangers.

Things we tried:

– looking for autograph sessions
– contacting PowerMorphicon several times
– no replies
– flowing websites for all things power rangers
– emailing every power ranger site we could find
– messaging every power ranger individually
– problem here is you don’t know if its their    site/profile or if a fan made it
– talking to online fans to see if they had any clues

Finally, I found Eric doing an interview with Najee an noticed his comment on the youtube video that they are friends. So started following Eric.

Sent Eric a Facebook message and within a few days had a response! Emailed as he asked and within a day or two got a call from the show!

I tried for a year to find out where we could go meet Najee. Eric got us in contact within a week.

We are from Alberta, Canada. We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during the school year as I am in law school.

Hope this helps! Could write more but know you want this right away.


Listen what happens on the show today!

Hey guys last minute change for today’s show. This is now a dreams come true story! you won’t believe this one! 2 pm pst today witness on EZ TALK This little 4 year old girls dream come true.

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